Mission and Commitments

Our Mission

LaFe is committed to developing Latino leaders who serve the campus community with the love of Jesus Christ as they explore God, faith, and the experiences of our people.

Our Commitments

Specifically, our aim is to develop Latino students and staff who:


1. Understand and accept with joy the love and grace of Jesus Christ
2. Embrace their Latino identity as a gift from God
3. Live out of a strong sense of self-worth that empowers them for ministry, missions, and the marketplace


4. Manage their lives in a manner which honors God, their families, their friends, and themselves.
5. Pursue a contextual understanding of the scriptures that addresses core needs of the Latino community.
6. Embrace and live out a healthy, biblical perspective of gender wholeness that is honoring and empowering to men and women.
7. Accept other Christians who do not share their doctrinal or ecclesiastical background.


8. Become lifelong agents for justice and racial reconciliation through the recognition of the strengths we bring as Latinos.
9. Have a vision for campus ministry as missions and themselves as leaders.
10. Invest their leadership gifts in their family, church, and community as agents of renewal following graduation.