InterVarsity's LaFe (Latino Fellowship) is led by Rev. Dr. Orlando Crespo (the National Director of LaFe), the LaFe Department, and the LaFe National Leadership Team.


Orlando Crespo

National LaFe Director
Bronx, New York

Rene Aguirre

Associate LaFe Director
McKinney, Texas

Abner Ramos

Area Director, LA Division
Monterey Park, California

Elizabeth Barrera

Associate Area Director, Red River
Austin, Texas

Stacy Rafferty

Area Director, Central Region
Omaha, Nebraska

Jaime Castañer Weiss

Area Director, NY/NJ
Long Island, New York



Additional LaFe
Department Staff



Victoria Mejia

Assistant LaFe Director
Sacramento, California

Lina Sanchez-Herrera

Spiritual Formation
Chicago, IL

Natalia Kohn

Special Projects Director
Pasadena, CA

Steve Tamayo

Communications and Resources
Pittsboro, NC